Fix Your Garbage Disposal Unit with Best Measures

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal unit is a device generally electrically powered, is installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap. The device helps to shred massive wastage of food particles into small ones around 2 mm in size to let it pass easily through the plumbing. The best impact of the device is providing Eco-friendly recycling of the kitchen food wastes. The unit increases the load of organic carbon that reaches the water treatment plants, which get to increase the consumption of more oxygen. Maximum 500 to 1500 W of power is used, which is not very costly for the household use. If you have not yet installed the device, make hasten to buy one and live a safe, hygienic life.

If you are looking forward to installing the garbage disposal unit, get more knowledge regarding its cleaning procedure and fixing measures. Know some of the actions to be taken in accounting while setting your kitchen waste disposal device.

  • Determine the source of the clog

Turn off the disposal before cleaning it. Needless to mention that it can cause harm to you. Just make sure that you do not stick anything into the drain before cutting the power. If you are willing to check the source clogging the drain, it will be not necessary to cut the power.

Take a flashlight to look down the drain. Found something uneven deep down? Do not worry! Just make sure that you do not run water through it and use the same procedure to get rid of the clogging as you do with the food waste clogs.

Sometimes it is found that the clogging took place under your sink linking to the pipe trap. In that case, manually pull the clog out with the help of a blade.

Never pour chemical cleaners in your food waste disposals. It can eat ways the plastic compounds of your device.

  • Unclog with pliers and plunger

The long-handled tongs or a pair of pliers fit precisely to unclog the clogging deep down. To remove the food peels and small food waste, which are stick to the disposal’s wall, your tongs are the best options. However, never use your hand instead of the pliers as you can be peeled off with the blades.

You can also pull out any loose objects that are creating a barrier using the pliers and the tongs. The plungers can be used to pull out the other wastages from the disposal unit. Scoop out any material after continue plunging.

Next, check, if the machine is working correctly after turning the power of the device on and running some waters.

  • Clean the pipe trap

Unfix the P-trap to clean that part too. In some cases, greases make the most clogging over time. You cannot get rid of it with the help of a plunger. Therefore, it is better to remove this P shaped trap from the machine and clean the greases manually.

Before removing, the P shaped and S-shaped pipes, put a towel or any soaking materials in the open areas, as it can let the water dripping on your floor.

Loose the T shaped pipe that connects the other pipes, where the main coffee and greases are found to clog the disposal. Manually clean the lubricants without the use of any chemicals.

Finally, remove the complete trap and clean. However, just take care of the plastic parts present in your disposal. They can easily come out of its place, so snug them against their places. After the cleaning procedure, make sure to fix it accordingly.

  • Maintain your garbage disposal

Never throw solid food wastes like bones of meats. They are not easily shred-able resulting in damages of the device’s blades.

Use lime juice, vinegar and baking soda for routine cleaning purposes.

If you have fixed up a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen, it proves that you maintain good hygiene in your home and it is considered as the best way to live a standard and disease-free life.